The “hot” February moon

Its been quite a few years since we had such a dry and sunny February!
With temperatures reaching the 18c during the day, at night they drop enough to freeze the water!

This, of course, is no reason to discourage our wild boars to do what they usually do best… eat all the corn we give them!!!
This time we have amazing photos and videos from the last two weeks, made in 3 diferent places where we can see some males, a good number of females and also lots of piglets! (at the end of this post you can see those images)

But first… lets talk about the hunting!

These days we got the company of Andy, a Swiss hunter that builds its own traditional bows!

I cannot imagine more fun than hunting with the weapon that I´ve created!
And I can assure you that he´s a pretty good target shooter!

                                                                                                                                                                               If the first two nights were quite frustrating to Andy (who always saw in the next morning that the wild boars have visited his place and eaten all the corn after he left), I cannot complain!

In my second night I had the opportunity to shoot a nice male and luckily I didn’t miss!

                                                                                                                                                                                       The next nights were of extreme fun for Andy, who had several wild boars in diferent places.

I remember one male eating corn for more than 10 minutes but never gave him the flank. Then, also in the same night a group of several animals came to the eating place but he could not get a clean shot of “only” one wild boar.

Another night he had “lots” of wild boars near his tower, for over than 2 hours! He even had a lone animal eating the corn for a while and almost shot him!

I believe Andy had a very good time in “ZCT Azinheira Velha” and I’m sure he will be back!

You can visit and know a few more things about him and what he does.

Now, back to the wild boars…

As I told before, we have some good photos and videos (almost 30 minutes!!!), from 3 diferent places.

Words for what? Just watch and have fun!!!

You can see the complete photo album here

And all the videos here

See you soon!

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2 Responses to The “hot” February moon

  1. Hi Paulo, thanks for that fantastic week, with nice weather, good food ( with lots of garlic… ) and wine and of course good hunting with many many boars. I enjoyed this week and you have been a great host. I will sure come back to this great place in Portugal.

    • pduran says:

      Hi Andy!

      Thanks for your kind words!
      In fact I think we had some good fun, despite the garlic diet! Just glad you didn´t get any “garlic intoxication”! 😉
      I hope you can return some day and then maybe you have that little bit of luck that this time seemed to be missing… and have even more fun!


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