Manuel, Manuel and Manuel

No, the title is not mistaken!

We had one more time with us our Spanish friends and hunters… Manuel, the father of Manuel that is also friend of Manuel and…

Manuel, Manuel and Manuel

In the first night they all had wild boars near, and even more than once, but the second night I think they wont forget so soon!

Manuel “the father”, had one big male wild boar at about 15m. The animal calmly went away without giving any chance of shooting!

Manuel “the son”, had a group of wild boars coming to the corn but also he felt that a male was around trying to understand if it was safe to go and eat some corn. Manuel then decided not to shoot the group and wait for the male… but the animal was not in the mood… and after a while, they all gone!
Later he admited that “this was one of the best wild boar hunting I’ve had in my life”

Manuel “the friend”, was in a tower and saw one wild boar coming… then another… then the first animal went exactly under the tower! He could see the boar but could not shoot him! If at least he had a big stone…

They all had a very good time and will be back soon, for sure!

Meanwhile, our wild boars keep offering us some good photos and videos! Here is another selection from the last days until today(!), made in two different places.

See you soon!

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