Can someone please turn off the light?!

In these last days of the moon we had the pleasure to hunt in the company of a nice group of Finnish hunters!

Aki, Jorma, Mika, Manu and Jarkko

An auspicious start, with Abel killing a wild boar in the first night, got our expectations even higher!

But the strong moonlight and some strange East wind did the trick and kept the wild boars away from the eating places!
We feared the worst when we realised that these weather conditions might not change in the next days, but then… the wind stopped!

It took us some time until we had wild boars again near us, but when it finally happened we had fun!

I believe Aki, Jarkko and Mika wont forget so soon the intense moments that wild boars gave them!!!

And then… some relax

We thank You for all the fun we had together!

I now leave you with a wild boar video from last week

See you soon!

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