April’s moon… the first days

They were here last year and promised they would came back! And they did came back! Juhani and Sinnika with a couple of friends came in these early days of April’s moon.

Timo, Jari, Juhani and Sinnika

We still had that unusual East wind but the animals seem to be moving a little bit more.

That was in fact what Timo found in two different nights! He had them near the eating place and even under the tower where he was. Something that had already happened to a Spanish hunter in that same place! He had good fun on those hunts. You should see the smile on his face!

Sinnika saw a couple of wild boars as she walked early in the morning and in the evening she also had 4 “good sized” wild boars near the eating place, but they didnt get closer enought to allow the shot!

They all had good fun but still the animals where not behaving as they usually do!
Oh… If i just could control the weather…

See you soon!

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