April’s moon… the last days

Finally our good old N/NW wind is back and with it also the rain. Now I know things will be back to normal soon!

Risto and Erland couldn’t have chosen better time to visit us! Flowers everywhere, the smell of the wet land and the promise of lots of wild animals around!

Risto and Erland

They had quite intense days with lots of adrenaline running in their veins.

I think Risto saw in these days, in the eating places and around, more than 25 wild boars! He had several chances to shoot but he prefered not to do so. Sometimes because it was too dark to make a perfect shot, other times because he could not get only one lone animal! This is hunt.

Erland had also wild boars more than once and he even draw his bow once… but didnt shoot.

In his last night Risto had 2 groups of wild boars coming to eat and after a while a “huge male” came and fight with all the others for the corn! (I could have video of that if I hadn’t change that same day the location of that camera!) He draw his bow 3 times but could not get a clear shot.
In that night, eating corn, he counted 12 animals!

I also have my story… shot a 30kg wild boar at 6 meters… good shot… arrow full of blood… lost it! That didn’t happen to me for a few years… it feels terrible!

We also went up north for some red deer hunting and it was really good fun! The place is fantastic and we found lots of animals. With a little bit of luck we could get one!

Just a small demonstration by Risto…

Risto and Erland, we hope you came back soon!

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