Andres new bow

Andy has an hobby… he make bows!

When he visited us last February he had already started what would became his new creation and good companion for his hunts! Today he sent me the photos

The bow on the top is the new one!

His daughter gives a hand!

It took him 2 weeks to finish the bow. “The Bad”, as he called it, it’s a swissbow deflex/reflex-longbow
Lenght: 64 inches
Draw weight: 55 @ 27
Limbs: Actionboo ( core ) with Bocote veneers under clear glass
Riser: Cocobolo with accent stripes of Bubinga and Osage

The draw weight is a few pounds lower than the one he brought last time here.
With an arrow of 510 gr ( 9.45 gr/lb ) it shoots at a speed of 52m/s or 187km/h.

I wish you have lots of fun with your new bow… and, why not, here in Portugal!

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One Response to Andres new bow

  1. Roger Jakobs says:

    Ändu how we call him in Switzerland : makes a verry Good Job..he show me how to make Glasbow’s ; and I’m proud to take the Lesson with him..So i have a good Reason to make Bow’s in this Quality…( Standard / Special Swissbow’s ) You all Bowhunters have a good Time..see ya out in the Yard…Roger / Luzern / Switzerland

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