May’s moon and “Photos & Videos” (week 17)

After five months without rain I didn’t expect to find myself so soon wishing the rain to stop!

In these first days of May’s moon we got the good company of Pablo and Pedro, two Spanish bow hunters.

We had quite good weather during the day but at night it was another story! Everyday it rained exactly when it shouldn’t, the animals get more suspicious and change their behaviour when this happens.
Anyway, the next morning we always found that they had been there eating the corn… after we left!

Despite this “weather” bad luck, one of the nights we had wild boars near our places! Pablo didn’t had a chance to see them and I was under the tower getting some protection from the rain…

Well, rain is not only bad news! It softens the ground and help the wild boars to find the warms and larvae that they need

And now a small selection of photos from this week… different places in different days

Different days… same hour

In another eating place

And now some good videos! Well, good until one wild boar hit the camera and change it to an angle of 45º

First the females with their piglets

Then some males (in 45º angle…)

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