Unforgettable moments!

In these July moon we had the company of our good friends “The 3 Manolos”, also Fran and Luis Miguel.

And we experienced some unforgettable hunting moments!!!

From the beginning

The first night… well… only I had wild boars around me. But literally around me!!! I saw myself “inside” a group of females and their little boys. It was intense…

The next night would be completely different and gave us some hunting moments that we will never forget!

Everyone had wild boars near, heard or saw them, but it would be one of the “Manolos” to make the difference with an “almost” perfect shot

Manuel and his 70kg male wild boar

We decided to wait for the first hours of the day to go and try to find the wild boar. So we did.

After a few hours trailing the blood we found the animal… still alive!

Without time to decide, Miguel instinctively “jumps” to the back of the furious hurt wild boar and “rides” him like a horse! Soon he gets the help of “Manolos” and after some struggling minutes they manage to kill him with a small knife!

I can not find the right words to express these intense and full of adrenalin moments. Just take a look at the photos and try to imagine the scene…

Fran, Miguel, Manuel Manuel & Manuel

Miguel exemplifying

Thank you for the friendship and great moment we had together!

Meanwhile we have some more good photos from our wild cameras. Some are from last night!

Lots of rabbits, partridges and of course lots of wild boars. In these photos we can see new pigs with about 2 weeks old. This proves that our hunting place have the perfect balance of shelter, water and food that alow the animals to procreate all year long.

July baby piglets

See u soon!

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